Current Events in (Mali)


    The current event in Mali is the 16th African Youth Championship which was located in Amahoro Stadium. Ghana played against Cameroon and earned one point each leaving Mali at the bottom with no points.  Mali is sill remaining in two maches which would give them time to varry their chances. Mali’s progress in the next round will require them to might win over Ghana and Cameroon. When the games ended it was a 2-1 victory over the West Africans. The African Youth Championship is to be accomplished.

     I choses this article because for me it was similar to our olympic games on how many athletes challenge each other from all around the world. This effects us in some way because competition could encounter rivalry between other countries.


3 comments so far

  1. jadap on

    Good job deva keep up the good work! i liked how you put that it is similar to our country. it shjows that you put great effort into this!!

  2. Staphany on

    Good job, it was interesting when you said that it kind of relates to our olympic games.

  3. smibiagip on

    Thx for the post!!

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